The Catechism, cover to cover, in one year.

Where Can I Get a Catechism?

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Kyle in Update - (1 Comments)

Would you like to follow along with us? Up for the challenge? Need a Catechism? Here you go!

These are three Catechisms that I have (prices are from 2/23/12):

The White CCC: This is what we will be using. Cheap, original, and designed to give you lots of information. This came out in 1995. domain seo information I covered mine in duct tape because it was falling apart and makes me look tough and manly.

The Green CCC: This came out in 2000 and is basically the same as the white one. Perhaps you could call it a “Copy Cat” (bu dum tis). There are a some slight differences in translation and a few extras when it comes to the indices. test of dns . If you are a cross referencing nerd, it might be the one for you. It is also larger print, bigger for carrying, and comes in hard cover or soft cover. There is also a smaller green one, (even a bit smaller than the white) great for travel but a bit rare and expensive. You shouldn’t have a problem using this with our podcast as the paragraphs are layed out the same. The green and white are both “Major Catechisms,” and are used to create other catechisms like the YOUCAT. This one sits on my shelf and makes me look scholarly.

The Yellow YOUCAT: Short for Youth Catechism, this is completely different. It is designed to be easy to read in a Q and A format. It was derived from the original Catechism. This wouldn’t be great for joining in our challenge because it isn’t broken up into the same paragraphs, but it is great for answering questions that you have and is geared towards youth. This is a great resource and would be a great way to get the same information. This one makes me feel young and hip.

The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: I don’t have this but think it would be a great resource and will probably get it soon. Again, like the YOUCAT, this is a more palletable derivation of the CCC with 598 questions  and answers. Greg and Jennifer, world class Catholics, talk about this on their radio show often, so it must be good.

I would like to suggest that you first try to support your local Catholic bookstore, or, at least, local secular bookstore. They probably have this in stock or can get it for you quickly. albania If that isn’t an option, you, of course, can pick it up online.

If you wait for the Easter Bunny to bring it, you will be way behind, so you might as well buy one now.