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July 1st, 2012 | Posted by Cory in Podcast

When I have the opportunity to talk to teenagers the theme I most often unpack is that of “eternal life.” You see we have two options:

1. We can live our lives for our 72 years (if we’re lucky) and try to squeeze out every bit that the world has to offer: luxury, comfort, and fame.

2. We can live our lives for something greater, recognizing this time on earth is our opportunity to enter into eternal life.

The world has some good stuff to offer, but Pope B16 said it best, “The world offers you comfortyou were not made for comfort, but for greatness.” No matter how good we can make this life, it will never compare to eternity. The world is said to be approximately 4.58 billion years old and that’s not a fraction of eternity. Our small heads can’t fully grasp eternity, but if it could, I promise you we would be living every minute for something much greater than a Porsche.

In this episode we continue to go through the Creed as we dive into ” I believe in the resurrection of the body” and “I believe in life everlasting.” We start to unpack the paradox of death bringing life.


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