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May 24th, 2012 | Posted by Dan in Podcast

Article 9 of the Creed: I believe in the Holy Catholic Church

Christ is the light of humanity and it is the church’s desire to shine that light out to the world. The church is like the moon and all of its light is merely light reflected from the sun. We are careful to draw the distinction between believing “in the Church” and believing in “God, who bestows all gifts and goodness upon the Church.” The word “church” comes from the Latin “ecclesia,” which in turn came from the Greek “to call out of” which has come to be understood as a convocation or assembly. In paragraph 753 the CCC runs through the symbols of the church as the: Body of Christ, a sheepfold or flock, a cultivated field, the building of God, and finally “our mother” the spotless spouse whom Christ loved and united himself to.

The Church was planned for in many ways, the CCC spends the last paragraphs of this week’s reading examining how the Church was born in the Father’s heart, was foreshadowed from the world’s beginning as God created life, was prepared for in the Old Covenant, was instituted by Christ, revealed by the Holy Spirit, and is on a continual pilgrimage which will receive its perfection in heaven.




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