The Catechism, cover to cover, in one year.

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April 12th, 2012 | Posted by Dan in Podcast

Elevator Pitch:Original sin, sin, and Satan are real, thus the importance of Christ who redeems us.

The Rundown: This week we are talking about Sin AKA “humanity’s rejection of God and opposition to him” p.386   Divine revelation sheds light on our relationship to God and shows us that as God’s created people, we have been made capable of loving Him and one another – sin is an abuse of that freedom. To break this open we start at original sin. It was Adam’s original sin that set us on the course to need Christ’s salvation. The Church reads the account of “The Fall” from Genesis 3 as figurative language about a real event, there was a fall and we have original sin. That sin is “contracted” generation after generation in the sense that we are each descendants of Adam whose choice deprived humanity of original holiness and justice, however original sin is not “committed” at birth, it is “a state and not an act.”  The remainder of the paragraphs look at The Profession of Faith’s “I believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God.” The paragraphs examine the name of Jesus and the importance of Christ to us as Christians today and the importance of Christ in light of the Old Testament.


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