The Catechism, cover to cover, in one year.



  • Read the Cat is a project in which three guys try to read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church, cover to cover, in one year.
  • The Cat has 2865 paragraphs, each week we’ll read about 55 of those paragraphs and synthesize the highlights and main themes into a short blog post and podcast.
  • More than a project aimed at being helpful to anyone else, Read the Cat is a personal challenge for each of us to read the entire Catechism cover to cover, so really, we’re not doing this for you- we’re selfish.

Join us for Lent this year – giving up candy is generally a cop out for people who are “going through the motions” of Lent and aren’t all that interested in nurturing their spiritual life. So, do something productive and something you can be proud of – we challenge you to join us in reading the Cat. If you make it through Lent you can decide if you’d like to continue on our journey for the rest of the year.

We’re not theologians, but we each work in some aspect of ministry full time.

  • Kyle Heimann is dad, graphic designer and nationally touring speaker/musician.
  • Dan Harms directs youth ministry for a parish in Virginia and speaks/plays music with Kyle.
  • Cory Heimann is a filmmaker and graphic artist (also, Kyle and Cory are brothers).


Q. What Catechism should I get and where can I get one?


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